Be Brave Now

Last weekend as one of my workshop sessions was coming to a close, I asked the participants to "Be Brave Now" in response to their painting process.
These three words on reflection might make a great title for a book, a mantra, or just an upcoming workshop.
But on deeper reflection what did I mean by uttering these words towards an end of a session?

To Be Brave- asks of us to rise to an event calling for change.
In painting and in life these impulses usually appear at an impasse in our process, somewhat content where the painting/life is- but having an inclination it could be further developed and produce a more gratifying result.
 To Be Brave is asking of us to take a leap of faith, to push and grow.
Usually what I focus on in my teaching on any given day, month or year is usually what I am asking for in myself, whether in my art practice or in my life.
My new workshop offerings are becoming more focused on a depth of individual process and how to address our capacity, or lack of, to take RISKS!  So, if I let this really settle in, I imagine my art practice/ life is about to experience a risk turned - shift.
What does Being Brave Now look like for you?
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Upcoming Exhibitions

Group Show- Abstraction, Nuart Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico- opening June 29th, 2018

Solo Show- Muse gallery, Hilton Head, South Carolina- opening August, 2018

Solo show- Friesen Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho- opening March, 2019


Happy New Year

The fall ended with an exhibit at Friesen Gallery in Ketchum, ID- entitled Intersections of Vast Things.

I am back in the studio preparing for an exhibit with Mark Woolley Gallery in Portland, OR.

It has been a bit tough getting back into the groove after a month long break. Lightness of being seems to be temporarily on the shelf. Sometimes deadlines push me into gear- other times I freeze and all avenues to a groove of working seem to be nowhere in sight. Looking for the door- the shimmer of light- I pace- pace around like a dog looking for the perfect comfort spot in which to enter. I know this process- I have been here before, many times. Not quite sure why every time feels like the first time. The beauty is- once your in , the dialogue can begin- but the waiting is a form of magic. Painting is not done alone. There is a cohort that beckons. Sometimes it speaks through the painting itself and I can enter into relationship- and sometimes it just comes where a harmonic symphony takes place with three or four pieces at once. I paint waiting for just these moments.

I have been thinking a lot about how all this t translates into teaching. How to communicate what happens in the studio. If I have left my process for a time- a week , a month I have to search out the delicate balance between who I was when I left the door and who I am now in the moment- pick up and carry the conversation forward. Do the work. I just want all to know that we are not alone in this process

John O’donuhuesaid it so well in his book- Beauty-

“No person is a finished thing, regardless of how frozen or paralyzed their self image might be. Each one of us is in a state of perennial formation. Carried with the flow of time, you are coming to be who you are in every new emerging moment. Life is a journey that fills out your identity and yet the true nature of a journey remains largely invisible."

Here is a piece just finished but untitled as of today.

boat copy.jpg