Happy New Year

The fall ended with an exhibit at Friesen Gallery in Ketchum, ID- entitled Intersections of Vast Things.

I am back in the studio preparing for an exhibit with Mark Woolley Gallery in Portland, OR.

It has been a bit tough getting back into the groove after a month long break. Lightness of being seems to be temporarily on the shelf. Sometimes deadlines push me into gear- other times I freeze and all avenues to a groove of working seem to be nowhere in sight. Looking for the door- the shimmer of light- I pace- pace around like a dog looking for the perfect comfort spot in which to enter. I know this process- I have been here before, many times. Not quite sure why every time feels like the first time. The beauty is- once your in , the dialogue can begin- but the waiting is a form of magic. Painting is not done alone. There is a cohort that beckons. Sometimes it speaks through the painting itself and I can enter into relationship- and sometimes it just comes where a harmonic symphony takes place with three or four pieces at once. I paint waiting for just these moments.

I have been thinking a lot about how all this t translates into teaching. How to communicate what happens in the studio. If I have left my process for a time- a week , a month I have to search out the delicate balance between who I was when I left the door and who I am now in the moment- pick up and carry the conversation forward. Do the work. I just want all to know that we are not alone in this process

John O’donuhuesaid it so well in his book- Beauty-

“No person is a finished thing, regardless of how frozen or paralyzed their self image might be. Each one of us is in a state of perennial formation. Carried with the flow of time, you are coming to be who you are in every new emerging moment. Life is a journey that fills out your identity and yet the true nature of a journey remains largely invisible."

Here is a piece just finished but untitled as of today.

boat copy.jpg