Visceral Gravity I Sold
Imaprts a Quality of Fluidity I Sold
Veritable Temple I Sold
Phases of the Moon I Sold
Install- Intersections of Vast things- Friesen Gallery 2015
Moons Tides I Sold
Holes in Soul | SOLD
Then There Was Magic I Sold
Under I Sold
Blue Maze | SOLD
Round About I Sold
Push and Pull I Sold
Residency- Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico - 2013
Boxed In I Sold
Love Temple | SOLD
Circle | SOLD
Balance | SOLD
Fragment | SOLD
Constellation | SOLD
This is What Separates You and I | SOLD
Orbs Swim Too I Sold
Residency- Santa Fe Art Institute
Santa Fe Art Institute
Install of Blue
Blue I Sold
Saturnian Roots | SOLD
Rooted in Five  I Sold
Blue Study I Sold
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