Hold Me Up
The Water is Wide
The Red Sea
Persephone's  Abyss
Installation November- 2017 Gebert Gallery , Scottsdale AZ
The Journey I  I Sold
Vanity's Shadow I SOLD
The Eloquence of Time
Counting Vessels
Shroud II  | SOLD
Beautiful and Gone
Grace | SOLD
Let's Not Talk About It
Mark Woolley Gallery- Shape Shifting
Mark Woolley Gallery- Install
Mark Woolley Gallery Installation
Double Take
Spirit Outlet I Sold
Hovering I Sold
Greeting Jupiter | SOLD
Full Moon | SOLD
Imagine This... | SOLD
Imagine This.. (detail) | SOLD
Snow | SOLD
Gonna Fall | SOLD
Love Poem | SOLD
White on White | SOLD
Peacock II | SOLD
Peacock 1 I SOLD
Gravitational Tones | SOLD
Mantecon Studio
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