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When I was seven we lived in the tropics of Miami Florida. Our backyard had a large sprawling lawn that butted up against a canal that I was sure was full of people eating alligators - I was terrified.

In the winters my grandparents would escape the New England cold of Rhode Island for the sunshine state. My grandfather was a retired physical education teacher and I was a budding gymnast.

Our green grassed backyard was the perfect place to saunter my cartwheels and practice my moves.

I took to hanging upside down and sideways quite easily, but when it came to the idea of spring boarding and twisting my body backwards into the air- you might as well of thrown me in the canal with the alligators, same kind of hand sweating heart racing fear.

In the late afternoons in plaid bermuda shorts, white tee shirt and baseball cap my grandfather would set up his green plastic lawn chair on the back patio. Sitting, cane twisting in his gnarled fingers, he would wave his cane like a baton and conduct my performance. But mostly what I remember of him is his words of encouragement to boost my morale.

He would say - now what’s the word? I remembered it was very long and began with a capital C. He would then slowly say  C O N F I D E N C E.  It’s just a word but my brain was distracted just long enough to do the thing I feared. This word has surfaced many times in my life since then when faced with the fear of "I can't. "

Recently, I was asked to speak in front of an audience of 120 on the creative process. I was hand sweating- heart racing- terrified. Yes I teach in front of people, but speaking to a large audience seemed much more daunting. While telling  a friend  “ I can’t" do it, she mentioned that the quickest way to move into the natural flow of our lives is to do something just beyond what we think we can do- which reminded me of what I learned from my grandfather at seven. Confidence might just be a word, but changing “I can’t"  to “I can” is a powerful cognitive shift which can trick us out of our comfort zones -so we can be terrified and do it anyway.

I survived standing in front of a crowd in the end and realized I actually enjoyed it. A new flow to approach in the future with added confidence.

 The exhibit Stewards of Light is still up in Ketchum, Idaho and you can view the exhibit here. 

 Paint Big and More -Anything Goes  May 2-5 Mantecon Studio, Santa Fe, NM

1 space left.

 Open Studio Sale / July 14th 1-6pm - (2:00 pm art talk-) a variety of large and small pieces will be made available at studio prices  for purchase.

Wrangling Paint + More   July 18th- 20th- Mantecon Studio

 The Space Between Painting and Intuition -Sep 26-28 Mantecon Studio, Santa Fe, NM with, Lauren Mantecon & Stacy Phillips  

 Big- Small -Big- Approaches to Mixed Media Painting June 24-28  Cullowhee, North Carolina

 The Alchemy of Mixed Media– October 12-13 Weehawken Art Center Ridgeway, Colorado

 Paint Big- Abstract Expressionism Oct 31-Nov1 Mantecon Studio, Santa Fe, NM with, Lauren Mantecon

 Ongoing Wednesday Open Studio - Mantecon Studio, Santa Fe, NM 1:30- 4:30

 Virtual Studio Mentorships- Buy a series of personalized sessions
catered to your own individuals goals. This could be setting up accountability
schedule , critique of work , writing statements, researching ways to get your work out into the world.