The Natural Order of Things and Beingness

Lunar Waves , oil, mixed medias on panels, 36” x 92”, 2018

Lunar Waves , oil, mixed medias on panels, 36” x 92”, 2018

In a book entitled “Wired For Love”, psychologist Stan Catkin describes three poignant visual metaphors for distinctive ways of being in the world: Anchors. Islands. Waves.

Three nouns that not only provide us access into a deeper understanding of feeling, but three symbols that work in the visual narration of describing the principals of design.

In a painting, we look for an anchor that might hold our attention in space. A wave moves our eye along so we are not stuck on one aspect in a composition, moving our direction and flow, and islands create the content, the main event.

It’s a generalization, but in the sphere of human interaction, anchors search out ways to loosen their grip and move into bolder expression - islands explore different terrain i.e., materials and content to work, waves work to hone in their emotion and focus.

I am a messy, emotional wave. I search out anchors to bring me back to intention and islands so I might have something to crash into.

In an ideal world it’s like my honey locust tree, longing to sway with grace when change comes, yet remain fully present and grounded while recognizing  the importance of our form and content and as a gift to the world. A steady pace with the natural order of things, our environments and each other.

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Abstract Expressionism Painting, February 2nd and 3rd, 2019