Lauren Mantecon sitting on stool I am fascinated by the questions presented by unseen forces. What if there were actual inter-connective links between invisible and visible reality. A visual language between atmosphere and land. I believe that mists, radiance, clusters, flora, fauna, orbs, strings and strands all represent the inexplicable.

My painted surfaces are layered and usually heavily worked, then worked again. I repeat this process until the image and ideas solidify. I seek to create a psychic sensibility through a physical space, a tension between painted surface and atmosphere.

  • 2.Above Home copy
  • Black
  • 6..This Is What seperates You And I
  • balance copy
  • 1vertical passage-1
  • If That Was Then, Then This Is Now
  • loeve’s temple
  • a signal of a time to come
  • santa fe image
  • 3.Mind Fields
  • transitioning portals